Herbal Medicine


Chinese herbal medicine has a rich 3,000 year tradition which has evolved and refined through time.  The regulatory, curative and immune enhancing actions of Chinese Herbal Medicine have been well documented in modern research.

Chinese herbs are prescribed according to your specific constitution and the exact nature of the disharmonies underlying your complaints.  It is for this reason that a detailed health assessment is necessary.  (It is also why it takes several years of study to master the basics of Chinese herbal medicine !)  This is not a simple folk medicine where herb “a” is given for problem “b”.  Prescribing Chinese herbs is truly an art and science and this is why they can produce such great results.

Our herbs are dispensed as high quality concentrated powders or in herbal “teapill” or capsule form.  These herbs are purchased only from manufacturers with the strictest testing and highest quality herbs.

Herbs generally cost between 1 and 3 dollars per day.

I’m happy to announce that Pacifica Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine is now using Wellevate, an online dispensary that allows you to directly access recommended vitamins and supplements, set up automatic refills and receive other communications from me. Plus, shipping is FREE on orders of $49 or more.

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