Chen Tai Ji Quan

Chen Tai Ji ChuanTai
ji quan (also written as Tai Chi Chuan) is a sequence of graceful movements which relax and strengthen both body and mind.  The gentle stretching and turning in each movement helps reduce tension, improve circulation, and increases strength and flexibility.

Chen style tai ji quan is the original tai ji quan from which all other forms derive.  It dates back some 300 years but has antecedents in older martial and qi cultivation practices.  It was little known in the West until the 1990s.

Chen tai ji quan is renowned for its spiral energy.  The spiral is an essential pattern throughout nature.  In the body it is expressed in the twists of the double helix, the corkscrew motion of blood in the arteries, and the spiral organization of muscle tissue both micro and macroscopically. The body is a continuous web of connective tissue- muscle, tendon, bone, fascia and viscera.  The strength of these tissues, individually and collectively, in form and in function, are the result of spiral structures.

On the physical level, Chen tai ji quan instruction begins as patterns of movement learned by the body. As the practitioner advances it becomes more an exploration of physical structure and the spiraling energies stored and released as the body discovers its innate elastic, tensile, and recoil forces.

On the spiritual/emotional level Chen tai ji quan is an exploration in honesty, a shedding of old patterns, and an unlocking of hidden energies.  At times this tastes like magic, but it is simply the reality of being.  The reality of harmonizing mind, qi and body.

Over the last twenty years, Phil has had the tremendous fortune to study with two great masters of this discipline, Sifu Patrick Lee, and Master Chen Zhonghua.